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Boarding and Lodging facilities:
The selected candidates will be provided with boarding and lodging facilities within the complex. The selected candidates will be provided with dormitory type accommodation with 4 students sharing a dormitory. The selected candidates are required to bring in only their personal effects and all other minimum living facilities would be provided by the Veda Vidya Pitha. The selected candidates are required to keep the living quarters allotted to them clean.
They will not be permitted to bring and/or store any outside food in the living quarters except with the express permission of the Board of Management and/or any person authorized on their behalf.
In any case, the students will not be permitted to store any intoxicants and/or any tobacco related products in their living quarters. Any violation of the same would invite summary dismissal from the Veda Vidya Pitha as also from the campus. Consequently, the support of Veda Vidya Pitha for the formal education of the student at a regular school will be discontinued.
The authorities will be maintaining a list of permitted publications/reading material for the students, inclusive of papers/magazines etc. Any reading material other than the permitted ones is expressly forbidden and any violation of this rule would invite disciplinary action from the Veda Vidya Pitha.
The living quarters of the students are subject to surprise checks and inspections by the authorities and any act of the students in denying the same would be misconduct/inviting expulsion from the Veda Vidya Pitha.
The students are also required to vacate their quarters on the direction of the authorities for carrying on inspection work and/or repairs and maintenance work and/or pest control related work or for any other purpose as may be determined by the authorities.
The students will be provided with a key to their living quarters for locking in their possessions when they are required to attend their lectures or go out of the campus for any reason whatsoever. A duplicate of the key would be kept with the authorities and the authorities would use the same to open the doors to the living quarters and enter the room in case circumstances so necessitate.
The students will have to return the key to the authorities and hand over vacant and peaceful possession of their lodgings on the cessation of their study with the Veda Vidya Pitha for any reason whatsoever.
The students will be provided with simple vegetarian meals, inclusive of break fast, lunch, dinner and tea with snacks at totally no cost to them. The costs for the meals would be entirely met by the Veda Vidya Pitha
The students can consume only the meals provided for in the Veda Vidya Pitha kitchen and cannot ask for any food of their choice. No outside food shall be permitted in the Vidya Pitha premises, except in cases of illnesses necessitating a change in dietary habits. Such changes in dietary habits due to illness can be followed only with the previous written permission of the authorities.
The students are required to strictly follow the meal times prescribed. Any person not partaking of the meals during the prescribed times will have to forfeit his meal for that session and will not ask for any relaxation in the said meal times. Relaxation in meal times will be permitted during illnesses, with the prior written permission of the authorities.
The students are totally forbidden from consuming or encouraging the consumption by fellow students of any non-vegetarian products/intoxicating beverages or any tobacco related products. Any incidents brought to the notice of the authorities would entail immediate expulsion from the campus and also removal of the students' name from the Veda Vidya Pitha rolls.
Use of Library facilities:
The Veda Vidya maintains a good and extensive library and the students can make use of the same, subject to the rules framed by the library authorities.
Lessons outside the Campus/participation in functions/ceremonies:
The students may be required by the Veda Vidya Pitha to go outside the campus for imbibing lessons from other religious and spiritual sources. Such trips would be as per the instructions of the authorities. The students cannot refuse to go on these trips.
The Veda Vidya Pitha may also requisition the services of the students during religious ceremonies/discourses either within the campus or outside and the students cannot refuse such assignments for reasons other than the indisposition of the student on that particular day.
Medical facilities:
The Veda Vidya Pitha has made arrangements to have a doctor on call at all times.
The medical treatment of the students up to a pre-determined financial limit and up to a pre-determined period will be met by the Vidya Pitha management.
In cases where prolonged medical treatment is required or where the pre-determined financial limits are crossed, the authorities would require the parents/guardians of the students to take the students away for treatment. The students can then rejoin the pathashala after their treatment after producing the requisite medical certificates/clearances.
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